Kitchen Remodeling Tips

If you are thinking about making improvements to your kitchen, there are good tips and ideas that offer
the right answers without wrecking your budget. Kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia need not be
expensive. In fact, with the following tips, you can improve your kitchen while staying well within your

Two Work Areas: If you have the room, consider having a main cooking space complete with stove, oven,
and microwave for big meals. And, a separate microwave, mini-fridge, and snack bar for smaller meal
preparation. It may double-up on items used in the kitchen, but it creates far more efficiency and reduces

Improve Space: The more things you have, the more space they take up. Think about adding space to
your kitchen by creating walkways at least three feet wide and cooking zones up to four feet for two-cook
configurations. You need to strike the right balance in having enough space to comfortably move while
maximizing the use of your kitchen.

Counterspace Conundrum: If you like to cook a lot, consider adding more counterspace between the
stove and the sink. However, if you do not cook often, then you can shrink this space and use it for other
means. If you have kids helping in preparation, then consider having two different heights for the
countertops, so they can assist.

Add Clearance: If you are adding new appliances, cabinets, or other larger items, be sure that you add
sufficient clearance space for doors to open. You’ll want to keep your appliances away from the corners
and double-check all doors to ensure that they swing freely without banging into each other.
Creative Storage: Look to make the most out of your storage by utilizing all the space available, so that it
is not wasted. Adding thin storage drawers are perfect for pizza pans and other flat items that otherwise
would take up more space.

Swing-Out Tap: If you don’t like the idea of carrying large pots of water from the stove to the sink and
back, then consider installing a swing-out tap near the stove. This is essentially a water faucet near the
stove that swings out, so you can use it. You could add a hose to your sink faucet, but that does take up

Island Space: It seems all too common that someone purchases a kitchen island that is either too small to
properly use or too large which takes up space. You should strike the right balance between available
space and utilizing the full features of the island itself.

Set Up the Microwave Right: In other words, put the microwave at the ideal height for the person who
uses it the most. For adults, about 15” to 18” above the countertop and for kids to use, just below the
countertop and adjust accordingly.

The best kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia starts by assessing what you have, what you need, and
utilizing the best tips and ideas to make it happen. Also, hiring a reputable, experienced contractor will
help bring out the best in your kitchen for years to come.